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Parks and Recreation

Our ability to Effectively Listen & Involve Citizens and Clients has given ETC Institute a reputation as the premier public policy market research firms in the country. ETC Institute's services focus on involving citizens, users, and stakeholders in the decision making process and developing creative and sustainable funding strategies.

Core services of the firm involve conducting statistically valid phone and mail/phone services and related market research. We have conducted more than 600 surveys for parks and recreation systems in 48 states across the Country for a wide variety of projects including parks and recreation master plans, strategic plans and feasibility studies.

Since 1992, the principals and associates of ETC Institute have helped secure funding for more than $2.5 billion of parks and recreation projects. The firm has extensive experience conducting surveys as components of plans leading to successful voter elections. ETC Institute's work allows the community to see itself in their planning efforts, providing buy-in and trust in the process.

ETC Institute has conducted surveys for over 40 Gold Medal Award Winning communities and for over 30 CAPRA Accredited Agencies

ETC Institute has completed statistically valid surveys for hundreds of parks and recreation master plans, strategic plans, and feasibility studies. Specific services we provide include:
  • Statistically valid mail/phone surveys
  • Web surveys
  • Needs assessment surveys
  • National benchmarking
  • Focus Groups and Stakeholder Interviews
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Mapping of survey results
I invite you to tour our web-site for further information regarding our projects, references, and services. I welcome your phone call (913) 829-1215 or e-mail to visit regarding how ETC Institute can help your community reach the preferred parks and recreation services future of your citizens.


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